Observatory Facility and Park Space package (in development)

Commercial Residential package (in development)

55+ Housing package (in development)

Hotel/Conference Centre package (in development)

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Commercial/Residential Conceptual drawing

Hotel Conceptual drawing

55+ Conceptual drawing


Development opportunities within the concept are broken down into three aspects and surround the Observatory multi-use facility and park space.

A commercial/residential mix is on two of the four sides of the concept is conceived to be about a 50:50 ratio of the constructed space between residential loft style apartments and and commercial store front business at street level. 

Another aspect of the development is the 55+ housing development which encompasses one of the outer sides of the park space. This development would include street level and second storey access depending on the configuration and design of the development. This type of housing is in high demand in the region overall.

Finishing the concept is development of a hotel with conference centre combination. This would finish the surrounding Development Ring. The hotel concept would hopefully be themed somewhat to the Park Concept itself and assist in the visitor experience to the entire area. Perhaps some rooms could have roof glass to view the night sky and aspects. With the proximity to Highway 28 connecting Edmonton to Fort McMurray, the lack of hotels north and north west of Edmonton and no accommodations servicing the tourism cluster near Bon Accord a hotel in this area is also in high demand. A themed or boutique hotel would also be unique to the area and would be well supported by the visitors coming to the large tourism operators and the Observatory facility. The existing two tourism operators have approximately 100,000 visitors combined and the Observatory is expected to receive at least the same.

Overall in Bon Accord and the surrounding region the gaps in commercial offerings are family restaurants, coffee shops, visitor accommodations, professional and medical specialists.

A unique opportunity...

The Observatory Park is a place to develop and build a one-of-a-kind project. 

From residential lofts or 55+ housing and into a hotel/conference centre development and interesting retail concepts the Park promises something for everyone.