EXHibit Conceptual 

The blending of art, culture and sky science

Something for Everyone

Like Bon Accord's brand pillars of culture, education and environment. The Observatory Facility is a collection of elements of these three pillars. Art and science are the foundation of Bon Accord's annual Summer Skies Equinox festival and this would resonate within the facility. 

Experiencing and learning about the cultural signifigance of the sky to all cultures and the art produced from the people of these cultures would be prominent in the facility. The library would be a place of learning and connecting as part of the experience. 

Library Conceptual 

Classroom Conceptual 

Atrium Conceptual 

theatre Conceptual 

20,000 square feet of Learning and amazement

Multi-use Newly Imagined

When it comes to purpose and design of multi-use facilities in communities thoughts immediately go to recreation facilities with meeting and banquet rooms, commercial kitchens and some potential kiosk retail. Multi-use is an enhancement or maturity from what was the traditional a community hall within a community over the last hundred years to a facility with many uses.

Bon Accord's multi-use design takes another turn from recreation to education and community development and adds in aspects of being so unique it can stand alone as a tourism experience destination.

Having a world-class level observatory opens up use of the facility to schools at the primary and post-secondary levels for research potential, educational outreach to the general public and experience tourism for those with an interest in the wonders of the sky above.

Conceptual Image within Dome Structure

Northern Canadian skies as they've never been seen before...

Opening the minds of young and old in a world class public observatory with research and outreach potential which has not been seen in Alberta.