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Bon Accord is designing itself to be a dark sky tourism community. This is to improve the quality of life of the residents and the overall environment and to have business development within this niche to attract new business into the unique concept.

Bon Accord developed a brand and development niche in 2012 to work to attract residential and commercial development in a sustainable and unique fashion.



the Design


Commercial retail and residential condominiums, hotel/conference, and 55+ housing opportunities in the design are to accommodate tourism visitors, park and regional traffic in a walkable community concept.

A niche development...

An opportunity to live or operate a business in a unique tourism concept in Bon Accord, Alberta.

The Observatory Park is a concept developed by the Town of Bon Accord to attract commercial and residential development to the community. The concept is niche themed around the tourism and community brand of "Building for Tomorrow" and under the brand pillars of culture, education and environment. 



The Observatory multi-use facility would house a world class observatory, library, kiosk retail, meeting rooms and planetarium theatre. The outer development ring would have zoned commercial and residential space.