Car2GO Concept

55+ Conceptual drawing

Hotel Conceptual drawing

Commercial/Residential Conceptual drawing

Day and night community

The "Development Ring" is the place to be

Whether you visit or work in the Ring, different types of housing and retail options are an aspect of the Observatory concept. The entire community is conceived to be walkable with many shops and services that leverage the aspects of the Observatory Facility. 

Housing within the Park concept is loft style condo apartments above commercial retail space. This type of housing option is currently not available in Bon Accord and provides options for existing residents as well as potential new residents in the community.

Another aspect of housing is to attract a 55+ development within the Development Ring. With mature residents perhaps looking to downsize, yet stay in the community without having to look at moving to away to a larger urban centre, this option is in high demand within the region. 

The remaining aspect of a commercial development is to seek out a hotel development that supports the tourism aspect of the Park as well as the other large tourism operations just outside of Bon Accord. Having a conference centre as part of a development like this would add to the anchor support of the Park itself and the hotel. 

Other remaining commercial space could also be filled by emerging companies being assisted in expansion through the Business Incubator with the Observatory facility itself. With this design retail opportunities would be inline with boutique shops, restaurants, professional and medical operations and shops that could service the observatory facility.

The overall feel of the Park would be interactive, walkable, and vibrant day or night. It is a community gathering place and would have an experience aspect to a visitor to Bon Accord as well.

Dark Sky Friendly

This Park design architectually would be designed with lighting control being paramount. Design of the signage and other exterior lighting would have to coordinate well to not affect the public observatory in any way if possible. 

The completed Park design would be a showpiece for builders and designers how a urban community area could be lit safely, creatively and effectively. The environmentally sustainable aspect of this community relating to lighting and subsequently energy conservation as a result would be a challenge and reward when completed.

The Observatory Facility, park space and event street lighting would be a consideration within the design as well.


Parking availability within the concept has limited front street parking to promote the walkability within the entire park area. The idea for most of the parking is on the outer side of the development on all sides. Assigned residential parking would be designated and carports on the backside of the 55+ housing is part of the idea. For the hotel/conference centre and commercial parking drivers visiting the park would be parking in the outer perimeter and would walk through either open entrances designed into the hotel or commercial structures or through street access points on each corner of the park.

For those visitors with mobility or wanting to park within the interior road system a Car2Go option could be integrated into the concept which would bring people from the outer parking area to shops, services and the observatory facility. All deliveries to the Development Ring would have access to loading and unloading zones on the outer parking side.

Conceptual drawing

Residential and retail
in the Ring...

The Observatory Park is a walkable gathering place for the community and visitors all under the wonder of the Bon Accord sky.